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The crimes of fraud and false pretenses involve some kind of deception, and if you are faced with these charges, the consequences can be significant. There are effective defences to fraud charges, and it typically takes the skills and attention of an experienced lawyer in order to effectively resolve these cases.

Risen, Inch & Fraser is an established criminal defence law firm in Oshawa that handles cases throughout the Durham Region and throughout Ontario. Our firm has been serving the community for more than 30 years and is known for its legal abilities, problem-solving skills and the approach that it takes when working with clients. We have a Certified Specialist in criminal law on our team, which is a designation that few lawyers in the area have.


Fraud is the use of deception to obtain some kind of benefit. The term "false pretense" is simply another way of using the word deception. Fraud is a broad offence and can relate to many different situations, ranging from insurance fraud to bank fraud. Fraud and theft are two criminal offences that are closely related and often overlap.

In any fraud case, there is the consideration of whether or not there is a breach of trust, where someone allegedly exploits a relationship he or she has with the victim in order to take advantage of that person or the situation. Of course, there are many other considerations in fraud cases, all of which depend on the circumstances of the situation.

The lawyers at Risen, Inch & Fraser have extensive experience representing clients facing criminal offences relating to fraud, false pretense and more. Our approach that we take is educational and assertive, and you can count on our team to assist you with your legal needs.

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