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Breach of Bail, Probation & Other Court Orders

Failure to comply with bail and probation is considered a serious offence if it is not handled effectively with guidance from a knowledgeable lawyer. Courts will view any breach or failure to comply as an act that is threatening the integrity of the court, and will carefully examine the underlying circumstances of the situation.


If you are facing such offences, you can come to Risen, Inch & Fraser for straightforward advice. We are an experienced team of criminal defence lawyers who have been handling cases in the Durham Region and Ontario for more than 40 years. We offer strong advocacy and work to resolve the legal issues you are facing as efficiently as possible.

Breach Of Probation Lawyers Serving the Durham Region

This includes non-compliance of court orders such as driving prohibitions, weapons prohibitions, peace bonds and orders prohibiting a person from attending public parks (places frequented by persons under the age of 14).


The physical act of doing something that goes against a court order or fails to do something required by such an order is not the equivalent of being guilty, and there are defences to these situations. Our lawyers for breach of bail and probation violations in Oshawa will determine the best approach to take in developing a strong defence on your behalf. Whether you are facing a breach of probation, breach of court orders or related issues, we will overcome the legal complexities and represent your interests.

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Please contact the Oshawa criminal defence lawyers at our firm to schedule an initial consultation to discuss the details of your criminal charge. Call our firm at 905-571-3942 to schedule a meeting. You can also book a meeting online by completing a short contact form.

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