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Young Adult Charged with a Criminal Offence? We Can Protect Your Rights

If you’re a youth between 12-17 and facing a criminal charge – or you’re the parent of one – you have much at stake. The implications of facing a youth record can be life-altering. Having a vigorous defence is critical.


Youth criminal matters require an solid, strategic approach. At Risen, Inch & Fraser, we will be your strongest advocates. We leverage our 40+ years of experience and carefully-honed skills to pursue the best possible results for young adults across the Oshawa, Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area.

A Vigorous Defence for Young People

Canadian courts tend to take a different approach to youth crimes. Raising a successful defence means thoroughly understanding these differences. Courts consider many different factors, including maturity, development, and other circumstances that are unique to youth. No matter what the complexity of your case, our lawyers will customize your defence to fight for the best possible outcome.


We regularly defend young people against charges including:

  • Theft and robbery

  • Assault

  • Weapons charges

  • Drug charges

  • Sexual assault


The consequences of a youth criminal record can be significant. Current legislation focuses on finding alternative solutions such as reprimands, diversion, and attendance orders. If there are options, we will help you find them.

Legal Solutions to Move Families Forward

Even an allegation or mistake has the potential to cause irreparable damage. As strong advocates for young people, we work efficiently and effectively to help prevent costly, long-term impacts.


We partner with young people and their families throughout the life of a criminal case. When you work with our lawyers, we will listen to your story, understand your goals, and help shoulder your legal burdens. With a Certified Specialist in criminal law on our team, we have deep insight into handling complex youth criminal justice cases and work tirelessly to protect our clients’ rights.


Parents, understand your role. Youth, know your rights. We are here to find ways to protect your future.

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