Bail Hearings

Representation And Legal Support For Your Bail Hearing

Upon an arrest, the police may decide to hold a person for a bail hearing. A court will determine whether or not the person can be released on bail, and what restrictions should be imposed if he or she is released.

The lawyers at Risen, Inch & Fraser have specific experience representing clients in bail hearings. Our lawyers possess the necessary skills and abilities to handle these hearings on particularly short notice. People in the Durham Region turn to our firm because of our positive results in representing clients during bail hearings.

What Do I Need To Know If I Am Released On Bail?

If it is determined that an individual can be released on bail, conditions will likely be imposed by the Court. Our job is to secure your release on the least restrictive terms possible.

What Is A Surety?

While a bail court can release someone on their own recognizance, sometimes a surety is required. A surety is the person who guarantees compliance with the release terms that have been imposed.

A surety faces a significant financial penalty in the event that the accused violates his or her bail, or fails to attend court as required.

A Customized Legal Experience For Every Client

Hiring a lawyer from our firm to handle your bail hearing will help to ensure your release on the least restrictive conditions. We are experienced criminal defence lawyers who have a broad range of legal experience, and have a Certified Specialist in criminal law on our team.

We take a straightforward approach to working with our clients and do take the time that is necessary to help explain the legal issues involved in the situation.

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