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How a criminal record affects your life

Criminal charges for impaired driving or other traffic violations can be stressful and embarrassing. Often, people want to do whatever they can to put their mistake behind them, which, in some cases, could mean pleading guilty. However, this can be another misstep. 

If you find yourself in this position, you should have a clear understanding of what it can mean to have a criminal record because it can help you recognize the importance of defending against the charges. 

What you need to know about ignition interlock conditions

While every driver knows they should not drive while intoxicated or impaired by drugs, the fact is that people make mistakes. When these mistakes happen, drivers should understand what is at stake and why it is crucial to defend against the charges.

For instance, a drunk driving charge can result in several penalties. Having an ignition interlock condition is one such penalty.

What happens if I break the rules of bail in Ontario?

Being home while you await trial for a criminal offence can come as a great relief to anyone, as the alternative can involve awaiting trial in jail.

If the judge or justice of the peace releases you on bail, you must comply with the conditions the court sets. If you fail to, you could face severe consequences for breaking the rules of bail.

Now more than ever: talk to your teen about reckless driving offences

The last few months have been a period of serious adjustment for our entire country - and the world at large. The term "social distancing" has gained regular use in our vocabulary. Staying at home whenever possible and wearing masks whenever we go out has become the new normal.

At a time when so many Canadians are reducing their time behind the wheel, the comparatively empty roads have led to an unexpected phenomenon. Reckless driving has reached a staggeringly high rate.

Ontario to receive federal funds to combat drug-impaired driving

As many Canadians - both supporters and naysayers - are still wrapping their heads around legalized cannabis, one concern that has remained on everyone's mind has been roadside safety.

The Federal government recently announced that it would provide Ontario with $17 million over the next five years to combat drug-impaired driving.

Impaired driving charges: What are my options?

If you have been caught drinking and driving, you will likely be charged with impaired driving. This means that if convicted, you will have a criminal record. There are generally a few ways you can handle this situation, as outlined by the Ministry of the Attorney General website.

However, before you make any decisions, you may want to consult an experienced criminal defence lawyer in order to review your options and pursue outcomes suited to your specific situation.

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