Drug Production Charges

Drug Production Charges Carry Serious Penalties And Consequences

Drug production charges are treated very seriously by Canadian authorities. A conviction usually results in a jail sentence, and can have other serious consequences. You will have a criminal record, be unable to travel to certain countries, and barred from certain employment opportunities.

At Risen, Inch & Fraser, we understand a drug production charge can have greatly impact your life. Our lawyers, including a Certified Specialist in criminal law, have represented clients in Oshawa, the Durham Region, and the Greater Toronto Area faced with these charges for many years.

What Is Drug Production?

Drug production includes:

  • Growing, cultivating or harvesting the substance or any living thing from which the substance may be obtained
  • Manufacturing, synthesizing or altering a substance’s properties
  • Allowing others to use your drug production facilities to make drugs
  • Assisting others to produce drugs

Police And Crown Methodology In Drug Production Investigations

The laws and facts involved in drug offences are complex. Police use the latest technology to gather evidence against drug producers. Currently, it includes:

  • Locating drug production facilities
  • Use of advanced technology to detect drug production facilities

Having experienced counsel who understand these issues is essential to building an effective defence. We understand how the police obtain this evidence and how the Crown uses it to prepare their cases. Our lawyers utilize this understanding to thoroughly review the evidence to uncover the best possible defences for you.

How We Fight Drug Cultivation Charges

The use of new technology must still comply with your Charter rights. Police must get judicial permission to gather certain types of evidence. We look meticulously at how the evidence was gathered to see if your rights were violated:

  • Did the police obtain a search warrant to get information from your utility company on reasonable grounds?
  • Do searches using the latest technology violate your Charter rights against unreasonable search and seizure?

If any violations happen, we will employ them in your defence, and bring Charter challenges if necessary. Our lawyers carefully investigate search warrants and photographic evidence, and utilize our own experts on your behalf. We prepare you thoroughly for trial so you understand what to expect.

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