Fraud, Theft And Property Charges

Taking From Another: Fraud, Theft And Property Crimes

Fraud, theft and property crimes involve the unlawful taking of benefits, financial resources or property from another person. The consequences can be significant if you are convicted of these charges.

Risen, Inch & Fraser is an established criminal defence firm in Oshawa. Our lawyers have extensive experience developing effective defences to these charges in the Durham Region and throughout Ontario.

The Complexity Of The Charges

The legal penalties if you are convicted can be severe, including imprisonment and making financial restitution to the victim.

Our objective will always be to protect your liberty and reputation. There are potential resolutions that don’t involve a criminal conviction, depending on the circumstances. We will advise you of your options and will work to eliminate or minimize the charge.

Assistance for Those Charged With These Offences

Our lawyers thoroughly understand the law in each of these areas, and our firm has a Certified Specialist in criminal law on our team. Each fact situation is different, and we will apply our considerable knowledge of criminal law and procedure to determine what defence can best be raised in your case.

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