Robbery Charges

Robbery: Stealing Using Violence Or Threats Of Violence

Robbery is a very serious charge and carries severe penalties. At Risen Inch & Fraser, our criminal defence lawyers understand that a strong, tailored defence is necessary to defend a person charged with robbery.

Based in Oshawa and serving the Durham Region and the rest of Ontario, we recognize how seriously the consequences of a conviction will impact our clients, and work tirelessly towards eliminating or reducing the charges.

How Robbery Is Different From Theft?

Robbery differs from theft when it involves:

  • Violence or the threat of violence
  • A weapon or an imitation weapon

Since violence is threatened or used in this offence, the sentence for robbery is usually severe. A sentence can be increased or decreased based on the circumstances of the case, and can involve a sentence in a federal penitentiary.

Building Strong, Personalized Defences

At Risen, Inch & Fraser, our team includes a Certified Specialist in criminal law. Defences against serious criminal charges are our specialty.

We will employ our extensive understanding of robbery charges to examine the facts of your case to look for a defence for your charge.

We will identify your legal options and help you decide which one works best for you. Then we will strongly advocate on your behalf in a pre-trial meeting with the Crown attorney and in court before the judge.

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