Impaired Driving Offences & Over 80

Impaired Driving Offences & Over 80

Allegations of drinking and driving, as well as driving over 80, are some of the most common offences that drivers face in Ontario. The consequences can be significant, but there are effective defences that can be used. At Risen, Inch & Fraser, we offer our clients straightforward advice and will work to help reach the best possible outcome.

Our Oshawa impaired driving offence lawyers handle cases throughout the Durham Region and are well-respected in the legal community for their work in criminal law. Our law practice is broad, and we have a Certified Specialist in criminal law on our team.

Impaired Driving Offences And Over 80

All drinking and driving offences (sometimes referred to as DUI or DWI) can be complex. You risk losing your licence and other setbacks that could place roadblocks in your future.

Our lawyers have extensive experience representing clients facing over 80 offences, impaired driving, and other driving offences such as criminal negligence and dangerous driving.

Refusal To Provide A Breath Sample

The charge of refusal to provide a breath sample, either into a roadside device or into an Intoxilyzer at the police station, carries a penalty upon conviction that is identical to the penalty one would receive if convicted of the offence of over 80 mgs. It is unlawful to refuse to provide a breath sample if the police have reasonable grounds to make a lawful demand. If you do refuse to provide a sample, you need a lawyer to help protect your rights.

Some people facing charges involving breath sample refusal also face charges involving impaired driving, and at Risen, Inch & Fraser, we are experienced at handling both types of criminal offences. While these are two distinct offences, the penalties will accumulate and become more serious if you are charged with both.

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