Highway Traffic Act Offences

Charged With A Traffic Ticket Offence? We Can Protect Your Interests

Traffic violations can carry severe consequences. A conviction for careless driving, a hit and run, or failing to remain at the scene of an accident could severely impact your way of life. You may lose your driving privileges. You might be unable to perform daily tasks. The loss may even affect your job function. Your automobile insurance premiums could increase. Life could become much more difficult.

The criminal defence lawyers at Risen, Inch & Fraser have extensive experience defending individuals from charges under the Highway Traffic Act. With a Certified Specialist amongst our team, clients throughout Oshawa, Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area receive top-level expertise as recognized by the Law Society of Ontario.

Fighting for your driving privileges

Drivers may be charged with a variety of traffic offences. Some of the most common are:

  • Careless driving
  • Failure to remain at the scene of an accident
  • Driving while suspended

The penalty for a conviction depends on the severity of the offence. These can include:

  • Restrictions on your driving privileges
  • The loss of your driving privileges
  • Fines, or even jail time

A strategic, vigorous defence

If you are charged, our lawyers will thoroughly examine the evidence against you. Did the radar gun properly measure your speed? Were road or weather conditions contributing factors? Did you exercise reasonable diligence under the circumstances?

These and other questions may affect the strength of your defence. If further defences are buried in the evidence, our lawyers will find it. If there are any flaws in the evidence against you, we will use them to advocate strongly on your behalf.

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