Ignition Interlock Program

Ignition Interlock Program: What You Need To Know

Changes in the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario have affected drivers facing over 80 mgs convictions, and it is important that you are aware of the changes that the new amendments have on your situation.

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Responsible Driver Program In Oshawa: Ignition Interlock

The Highway Traffic Act of Ontario was recently amended and now provides for the new ignition interlock program. Before this amendment, a driver who was convicted of impaired driving or over 80 offences would automatically have his or her licence suspended for one year and receive a minimal driving prohibition of 12 months.

Now, someone convicted of an over 80 offence may have the ability to operate a motor vehicle if the vehicle is equipped with the ignition interlock device. This means the convicted person could be allowed to drive just 90 days after the date of the conviction in court if the person is accepted into the program and if conditions are met with regard to the vehicle. This program allows individuals to rehabilitate and drive, with the hopes of minimizing the chances that they might reoffend in the future.

While this program is available, it is important to remember not to plead guilty to an over 80 offence without competent legal representation. The team at Risen, Inch & Fraser has extensive experience handling these offences and other driving offences in Ontario.

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