Other Driving Offences

Other Driving Offences

In addition to speeding tickets, impaired driving offences and over 80, there are a number of driving offences that can have significant consequences. If you are facing a charge involving criminal negligence in the operation of a motor vehicle, refusal to provide a breath sample or another driving offence, the lawyers at Risen, Inch & Fraser will represent your interests in defending your rights against the charge.

Over the past three decades, our team has been practicing exclusively in the area of criminal law in downtown Oshawa, and we serve the Durham Region and Ontario.

Our Oshawa dangerous driving defence lawyers are very reputable, and we have a lawyer on our staff who is a Certified Specialist in criminal law. We are a skilled team that will provide assertive, quality legal representation for your case.

Dangerous Driving And Criminal Negligence

Dangerous driving and criminal negligence in the operation of a motor vehicle are serious offences that can have significant consequences. These charges are a step up from careless driving, which is a Highway Traffic Act offence.

Criminal negligence charges may involve bodily harm or death, and can be fought by working with a forensic expert to help build a strong defence. The sentencing for criminal negligence is determined by a number of factors, including the degree of poor driving involved and the consequences of the accident.

Dangerous driving causing death or bodily harm is an indictable offence, which means that the person being charged has the right to a hearing in the Superior Court (with or without a jury).

Lawyers In The Durham Region For Careless Driving And Other Driving Offences

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