Internet Luring

Internet Luring

Internet-based crimes are on the rise, and many of these offences relate to other charges such as child pornography and other sex crimes. When our clients are facing serious offences that create obstacles, our goal is to resolve them as quickly as possible while protecting our clients’ rights.

Risen, Inch & Fraser will stand by you and make certain you get through the challenges associated with a criminal offence in Ontario. Our Oshawa Internet luring lawyers are highly regarded in the legal community and known for the personalized, direct approach they take when working with clients.

Internet/Child Luring

Internet luring (also called child luring) involves criminal offences that use any type of computerized system to communicate with individuals under the age of 18 in relation to sexual purposes. There is no distinction between the use of a desktop computer, laptop or other forms of computers such as iPads. The use of smartphones to lure an underage person can be considered as use of a computerized device.

In some instances, the one facing charges sincerely believed that the underage individual was of age, which may be a defence to the charge. There are many other defences that we can explore when evaluating your case. If you are facing these or other charges, such as child pornography, we will defend your rights.

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