Murder & Manslaughter

Murder & Manslaughter

Murder is the most serious crime that an individual could be charged with. These cases can be extremely complicated and often rely on documentation and medical reports for specific evidence. To be successful in defending you against a murder charge, your lawyer must have experience in this area of law and be highly knowledgeable of the law.

Risen, Inch & Fraser is led by a team of highly skilled lawyers who are well-respected in the Durham Region and throughout Ontario. Our entire practice is dedicated to criminal cases, and we are known for our abilities in undertaking high-profile and complex criminal cases. Our attempted murder and manslaughter defence lawyers in Oshawa work effectively and take a team-oriented approach to defending our clients.

Lawyers For Capital Murder Charges

We have the abilities and skills to develop a strong and effective defence for murder charges, as well as other criminal offences that can be related to murder charges. Our lawyers are proactive in the investigation process and handle matters promptly, so we can reach the best possible outcome for the situation. We work to minimize the negative impact that a conviction will have by using all available resources and defence tactics.

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