Prescription Drug Charges

Prescription Drug Charges

Many people consider prescription drugs as less serious or a lower priority to law enforcement. However, police and prosecutors take a strong stand against prescription drug offences. Like other controlled substances, this can include possession, distribution, trafficking or other related drug charges.

Fighting Charges Of Illegal Possession Of Prescription Drugs And Other Drug Charges

At Risen, Inch & Fraser, our lawyers have the legal and criminal defence experience needed to defend you against these charges and the full severity of sentencing. We will carefully investigate your case, and create a strategy for confronting the charges and achieving the best possible outcome.

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Prescription drugs are considered a controlled substance. Without the proper prescription, you can face charges for a broad range of associated offences, including possession, trafficking, selling and distributing. You can face prescription drug charges for simply having any quantity of the substance on your person without a prescription.

The type of charge or charges you face will be determined by the details of the circumstances under which you were arrested. Prosecutors may accelerate the charges by adding on additional charges. This means you would likely face more potential jail time and other penalties.

Our lawyers draw upon extensive experience and legal understanding to negotiate with prosecutors and reduce the charges you face. For more information, call us today.