Sexual Assault, Including Historical Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault, Including Historical Sexual Assault

Sexual assault involves applying force of a sexual nature to another person without his or her consent. This can include anything from kissing to sexual intercourse, and has significant consequences for the one being accused.

At Risen, Inch & Fraser, we defend people facing criminal charges relating to assault, assault and threatening, sexual assault and more. We have been serving the Durham Region for more than 30 years and are regarded as a skilled and knowledgeable legal team.

Assault And Consent

Any sexual activity without the consent of the other person would constitute a sexual assault and is considered a violent crime. No consent is obtained in situations such as where:

  • The person was incapable of consenting to the activity (example, if he or she was drugged)
  • The accused person induces the complainant to engage in the activity by abusing a position of authority (teacher, babysitter, employer)
  • The complainant expresses a lack of agreement with words (“I said no”)
  • Sexual activity occurred and now the complainant has expressed he or she does not want it to continue

Consent is many times the basis for many trials and is often considered a grey area that can be difficult to deal with. The Oshawa sexual assault lawyers at our firm have significant experience defending people facing sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault and historic sexual assault cases, and will work to reach a favourable outcome for your case. We will work to avoid imprisonment and protect your future.

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